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Mickey -> This stay-at-home mom thing is so boring (4/21/2007 2:33:13 PM)

I am a stay at home Mom and I should be thrilled to have this choice. So why do I feel so dissatisfied and board. I am so sick of doing dishes and laundry. I love my kids. They are alot of fun but this house cleaning is driving me crazy. I feel so guilty that I am stressed! Should this make me happy?[>:]

dianerene -> RE: This stay-at-home mom thing is so boring (4/21/2007 8:17:04 PM)

I felt a lot like you did in the beginning, and I felt guilty for NOT enjoying it.  My biggest mistake was thinking that since I was a stay at home mom (SAHM), my house had to be clean all the time, dinner always had to be made and the laundry should never pile up - I was cleaning til I was insane and not enjoying my "free time" at all.

I had to ditch the ideas that I had carried around about SAHMs and create my own "home".  My kids are now 3, 7, 15 and 18 and I am far from bored.  After taking all the kids to school (the youngest only attends 2 days a week), I head to the gym, then home to shower before running all of the errands that are more easily done without kids or with only 1 in tow.  I give myself only an hour or two to clean daily, and if I'm not in the mood, I skip it.  There will ALWAYS be cleaning, dishes and laundry - it's not going anywhere.  I spend time playing with my 3 year old during the time the older kids are at school, she has to entertain herself during homework time, so I try to spend some time reading with her and dancing, singing songs, whatever. I have also taken the time to do all the things I wished I had time to do when I was working - sewing, reading, sun bathing - lol - the little pleasures in life ... I squeeze them in when I can.  And after school we are busy with homework, soccer, tennis, ice skating, dance classes ... you name it!

My biggest hurdle was getting past the idea that everything needs to be in it's place because I am home.  There are days my house looks like a tornado hit it, and yes, when I was working my house was usually cleaner, but when I was working, the kids were in daycare and no one was home all day.  Today, my house looks lived in ... by 2 parents and 4 kids :)  It's tough, and there are days I miss my "me" time and the satisfaction that working and bringing home a paycheck brought me, but then I sit down on the couch and get pounded with love by my girls, and it all seems to make sense again.  Good luck :)

boom boom bevins -> RE: This stay-at-home mom thing is so boring (6/1/2007 1:36:10 PM)

i have worked all my life till i remarried and went back to school/college. i stay home with my kids when not in school and in the summers. i love it! it was hard at first to quit working, i had always done it. it was hard to not be independent financially after doing it for years on my own. i am a clean freak! but not as bad as i used to be. i keep the dishes and laundry done, i have to vacum daily or i`ll go nuts. i like nice and clean home, i can`t help it. i would love some "me" time, i think every mom needs that. i occassionally get it and its wonderful, but then i feel guilty and also don`t want to throw my kids off on someone for me to get that break. i get alittle chill out time at night, my hubby gives the little one a bath and to bed. and i sit up and read, watch tv, just relax, because i make sure everything else is all done so i can chill out. since school and college is out, and NO HOMEWORK FOR ANY OF US, lol!... i just want to really enjoy my kids and family. time with hubby for just the 2 of us, is high on my priority list as well.

MoMMaKeLLY -> RE: This stay-at-home mom thing is so boring (6/6/2007 8:55:28 AM)

I have done the stay at home thing, and am doing it temporarily right now. It takes a lot of getting used to. It is better for my son and I if I choose certain days each week to focus on house work, and the other days focusing on him and our time together. Makes each day seema  little less monotonous. Also, I try to plan things for the days when we aren't focusing on housework. During the summer, pool days....park days....Taking walks...That sort of thing. Mix things up. It makes it seem less crazy. Also teach them. Each day a week my son and I do different lessons. He's two...on Mondays we work on Numbers. Wednesdays it's colors, and Fridays it's letters.  It works, plus now I make him help with chores. He's great at putting clothes into the dryer. He's also pretty good at cleaning the floors, and picking up his toys. Helps me out a lot!!
Try to enjoy it.

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